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Lecturers & Tutors have traditionally published their work in book form, but that is changing. In the past decade, there has been a significant shift towards digital publishing, with more and more authors opting to sell their work in e-book format. This trend is likely to continue, as there are a number of advantages to digital publishing.
For authors, the main advantage of digital publishing is that it allows them to reach a global audience with ease. There are no printing or distribution costs, and e-books can be sold through online platforms. What’s more, digital publishing is more environmentally friendly than traditional publishing, as there is no need to print and ship physical copies of books. This means that authors can make a greater return on their investment,


EBOOKS.NG has come up with a free lecturers and tutors books revamp programme which allows authors to convert and sell their e-books in a secure digital format online. With this system, each copy of e-book sold is encrypted in a way that is unique to each customer in order to prevent sharing and authors are able to track sales on their dashboard and through notifications

Who is this Programme for?

  • Lecturers who have published books and the books are out of print
  • Authors who have sold their books in hard copy form, but who want to  sell secure e-books online for a digital format,
  • Authors of books who are frustrated because their books are going out of print and they can’t get a return on their investment.
  • Authors who want to make a better return on investment on their books.

How do I apply for this programme?

  1. Prepare a soft copy of your book either in pdf or doc or docx format
  2. Visit  to go through our terms and conditions
  3. Click the button below to apply

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