The Making of a Successful Student




The book The Making of a Successful Student is borne out of God to cure the story of failure that constitutes the experience of many Nigerian students. The book combines spiritual weapons together with academic mechanisms aimed at unleashing the wealth of success ingredients in every student all over the globe




It opens wide the recognisance of the reason for being a student and why destiny must be fulfilled. It also tells us about techniques students can use in order to improve their memory and study skill and what makes a successful scholar. It involves the testimonies of some successful giants throughout the globe

Since everthing God created was good and successful, hence every student is born a success. Again, it also considers how a student can strike a balance between academic and other engagements working and schooling, doing business with study and and campus politics


At the tail end, it considers the place of God in success scheme and the defeat of failure. Which was perfected by our Lord jesus christ at the cross of calvary. Thus, the book “the making of a successful student is an embodiment of knowledge and wisdom that will promote success in academic endeavor of all students at all levels. It is reasearched, it is informative, imaginative, Inspirational, academic and spiritual

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