THE CREED OF SERVICE is a manual for everyone who is willing to serve and for those who will teach those who are willing to serve as it serves as a compass in this confusing world where many do not know who they are, where they are coming from and where they are going to. It will teach them on the will to serve. CREED OF SERVICE is a book that defines human purpose and the real reason humans are created.





Emmanuel Omonisaye is the last child of a family of eight, he was born in Kabba, a town in Kabba/Bubu LGA of Kogi State. He is married to his lovely friend and wife, Folashade Modupe Omonisaye and a father to two boys, Bryan and Jayden Omonisaye.

He bagged his Bachelors Degree in political science from the University of Abuja Nigeria,

Donmanuel as he is fondly called currently lives in Abuja.


A certified corporate Governor from Alison academy in United States of America.

He is a well-known specialist in protocol service and the MD/CEO of DONMANUEL CONCEPT LTD; a company created to serve in protocol, logistics, haulage and cargo services and DONBRYAN LOGISTICS LTD; a ground handling company, certified by NCAA as Agents of foreign Airlines.

He has benefited from the privileges attached to serving others and his testimony is written in this book written to mark his 40th birthday as he has served for over 20 years in the public space He is accessible to all from 12am to 12am daily.


ISBN: 978-978-796-438-5

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The Service Creed is an enigmatic account of life of practical service driven by genuine desire and love for true service.  The writing is encased in lucid prose with poetic colouration of deep emotional flow and glow.


By merely reading through the Creeds as captured in the Table of Contents, you will have a sense of intense fulfilment of having tapped into an unusual well of wisdom in living meaningful life of service. As you now take each Creed at a time, you sink deeper into an incredible world of discovery of purpose and passion for service.


The Book is a world class masterpiece that can only be put together by an extremely passionate person who daily lives and practices what he has written. You can literally hold his passion in your hands transcending emotional feelings of any sort.


The Service Creed is more than a Book, it is an uncommon expression of interest and belief in a course that is bigger and greater than the Author.


The Book practically assumed a life of it’s own by enigmatically pulling you through each of its components without letting go; thus you cannot but finish reading her before you drop her oblivious of time and moments around you. She held me glued to her for hours without my knowing that time was far spent.


This book is a must read and a must study for all those who truly desire to   offer and receive satisfactory service to humanity and indeed to God.


I am not surprised that deeply researched and articulately crafted masterpiece like this could be put together by Prince Emmanuel Omonisaiye because he simply wrote about himself and his journey of life of total devotion to selfless service delivery in an unusual work environment where service can be easily mistaken for slavery.


Despite his Royalty, Emmanuel chose to serve in this rather undignified environment where everyone is labelled as touts. But alas, he stood out, distinguished himself by engraving class, dignity, prestige and meaning to this profession through incredible service delivery borne out of love for people and for service. No wonder you dine and wine with the high and mighty of the land.


The best of you still lies ahead in your chosen career as I foresee your own private Airline business in the nearest future.


I have known The Author from birth as a junior Cousin who combined and converted the great attributes of deep love from his biological parents into a source of livelihood in service of humanity and God.


An avid listener and voracious reader with genuine passion for both literary and practical knowledge,    he gulped advice like a thirsty traveler as my Mentee of several years.


Little wonder therefore that he has made the best of every opportunities that have come his way through dogged service delivery.


My only question to the Author is how and when did he find the time to put all these together given his overcrowded work schedules and serious family and faith commitments. I guess that is what distinguish great men from mere men.


I will appeal to the Author to add the final Creed that Service is of God, is Godly and whosoever serves others truly, genuinely and passionately serves God Almighty.  Because God is Service and Service is God.


Take this Book today and start reading while you order for more copies for your Associates and loved ones.


Congratulations to the Author.


Gabriel Adetun Owope. MBA, FiOD, FCS.






Don Emmanuel Omonisaye


Don’s book is the recent of his important contributions in the discourse on service, politics, business and humanity amongst other things, the work handles a major reoccurrent theme that constitute what has come to be known in our society [ Nigeria ] as ‘ the great challenge ‘- ‘ troubling the ethics of service ‘.


This book is written with a critical temperament and unprecedented clarity which are the hallmarks of philosophising. What is remarkable, though, is the writing skill, mastery, and creativity with which the author approaches each of the ” Creed “, spanning through its chapters in a matrix of relation between the apt concept of service, street knowledge and sound family values all of which the author himself  represents… Over and above all, Don handles it within the broader context of current/future developments in Nigeria and the World at large.


The author represent a grand mark of enquiry into the essence of ‘ Service ‘, to offer a fore some solution to major issues challenging us as individuals, as a people and as a Nation. The book fresh like ‘ Agege Bread ‘ making it very interesting to read.


[25years friendship and counting… ]




el nuhu KSM | 3rd October, 2023 | #nafada






The Service Creed is a clear policy for advancing the course of human existence and quality living by donation of oneself through social, religious, personal, and business services, thereby creating streams of income and developing social capital growth.


This is a brilliant, insightful, and revelational guiding principle toward advancing human dignity and relationships.


Omonisaiye has demonstrated through his culture, actions, attitude, standards, dedication, and commitment to the benefit and interest of others leading to the total well-being of people and the society at large.


Nothing is close to service (to God and Humanity), hence the imperativeness of the CREED.


Shae Bebeyi, Ph.D., f.dss, f.hcd, CAN






The discourse in this book by Emmanuel Omonisaye in Suggestive of the fact the service is a virtue. It is a reflection that tells about how deep rooted in service the author is. For me, the thoughts expressed are nothing but a mirror of who he is.


My encounters with Emmanuel make me to conclude that the book is simply an expression of his person. It tells about how to carry out service with passion and commitment. His book is a provoking piece and a must read to all. Emma thanks for the flavor of your book.


Rev.Fr. Thomas Edogbanya

ISBN: 978-978-796-438-5

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